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Maximize Your Project: How Much Coverage in a Gallon of Paint?

Ever stood in a paint store, gallon in hand, wondering “how much coverage in a gallon of paint”? It goes without saying that it's important to know how much paint you'll need for your interior house painting project. Understanding this can save you time and money and help you [...]

January 28, 2024|

How Long Does Paint Take to Dry? Your Complete Guide

Interior painting can be an exciting project, transforming your space with a fresh, new look. However, a common question that puzzles many is “How long does paint take to dry?” This blog post is packed with essential knowledge that will prove valuable to you, whether you're a DIY enthusiast [...]

January 14, 2024|

When to Call a Kitchen Cabinet Painter

Starting a DIY project can be exciting. It's a chance to put your skills to the test, add a personal touch to your home, and maybe save some money along the way. But, when it comes to kitchen cabinets, the line between a DIY success and a distressing disaster [...]

December 28, 2023|

Oops! Fixing Common Paint Mistakes Like a Pro

Looking to transform your space with interior painting? It's a colorful adventure! Yet, as with any journey, there might be a few bumps along the way. That's where understanding common paint mistakes becomes essential.. In this comprehensive guide, we'll not only identify these typical errors but also provide expert [...]

December 14, 2023|

10 Tips To Create A Distressed Cabinet Painting For Your NC Home

Distressed cabinet painting brings back the vintage charm to your North Carolina home or any space. Alvarez Painting, one of the most trusted providers of cabinet painting service in North Carolina, will share what distressed cabinet painting is, why it's a must for your NC home. What is [...]

November 14, 2023|

6 Best Basic How To’s: Painting Different Surfaces At Home

Painting different surfaces at home is a valuable skill regardless of your background. Even if you are a North Carolina homeowner looking to DIY or hire someone for house painting, it’s still essential to understand the nitty gritty of every project to avoid mistakes. Alvarez Painting, the best [...]

October 28, 2023|

10 Best Timeless Fence Painting Ideas To Boost Your Curb Appeal

Fence painting ideas can go from simple to bold. It can revitalize or add personality to your outdoor haven. Alvarez Painting, a reliable deck and fence painter in North Carolina, will explore 10 distinctive fence painting ideas, each offering a potential stroke of artistic genius for your yard or [...]

October 14, 2023|

6 Best Ways on How to Prep House Walls for Interior Painting

"How to prep house walls for interior painting" isn't just a simple search about cleaning—it's the start of accountability in achieving painting perfection. The art of painting begins not when you apply paint, but with doing your due diligence. Reputable painters in Cary, NC and nearby areas, like Alvarez [...]

September 28, 2023|